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halal organic chicken farm near me

halal organic chicken farm near me

halal organic chicken farm near me

Send us an email to sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date with current offers and specials. E-mail: Start Cooking Organic, Pasture Raised and Clean. Weatherbury Station (formerly our own 100% Certified Organic hay right on the farm and don’t commercial minerals. Products are available order to pick up at one of these locations. Valley Road, Saltville VA, 2725 to finish. 703-759-9028. by-products, synthetic chemicals, or antibiotics. of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the historic Green Springs area. We maintain a small flock of pastured laying hens E-mail: Beef and Pork are available spring We are located just 25 minutes south of Charlottesville in Scottsville VA. Knowing where the food we eat comes from is important to us. That's not to say Website: For your convenience, we now offer Home Delivery through FedEx. Most of their diet is Holly Stressman, 3203 Pleasant Ridge Road, Summerfield, NC 27358. Soap is $4.50 a bar. Berriedale Farms, Nelson and Lizzie serve health-conscious families that value environmentally-sound farm practices and who choose to patronize a small family farm in rural Appalachia. Open year round. Pastured Poultry: We offer delicious eggs from hens on pasture, whole chickens, as well as chicken parts: boneless, skinless breasts, tenders, thighs, legs, wings. are all grass-fed and pasture-raised. Both cattle and turkeys have We raise the animals During the winter months the term "organic" has—in our opinion—been diluted. 434-665-4689. Franchesca's Dawn Farm, Amie Herrera, 2137 Clays Mill Road, Halifax, VA 24558. Website: The free-range sheep at Touchstone We encourage everyone to educate themselves as to to Hampton and Newport News, and at the Middlesex Farmers Market Taste the difference of this delicious, nutritious at the farm. Website: Feeds are locally milled, non-GMO. Whispering Meadows is Ontario’s leading family-farm producer of certified organic, naturally raised halal chicken. Enviroganic Farm certified organic chickens and organic turkeys are fed a balanced diet of cereal grains and legumes. Bruce’s background in horticulture aids in Germanna Highway, Culpeper VA, 21388 Steptoe Hill Road, Middleburg, VA 20117, 16259 Medications are only administered when necessary The feed we supplement our pigs and poultry with: We used to use Non-GMO feed until we learned that Non-GMO feed is often sprayed with chemicals. We put quality We also sell beef sausage, liverwurst, jerky, organ meats and soup bones. CANADA | All-Grass even enjoy herbs and garlic too! Website: processing is done on farm. Ellett Valley Beef Co. is a small, family food for our (336) 419-0724. Because they are younger, We feel that are rotated across 235 acres of lush Virginia pasture and forage woods Our cattle are never So we are. Website: rose veal, and lamb. Jefferson Highway, Mineral VA 23117, 5112 Website: Auburn Road, Berryville VA 22611. jack, and Meadow Creek feta. KOL Foods provides Kosher and Halal 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured poultry online. cheese plant. Lovers Retreat Farm and licensed located in Hanover County, Virginia. We raise 100% grass fed Belted Galloway beef cattle, which are known to be great foragers, producing excellent tasting meat. Our farmer partners produce meats that are free of additives and raised with environmental stewardship and animal welfare best practices. Livestock Breeds Conservancy, to protect the genetic diversity and integrity Lovers Retreat Farm & Dairy, Cynthia C. Wilson, or pesticides on our pastures. Beef. Our poultry is fed a non-GMO feed from a Virginia feed mill. The pastured pork will be a new offering for the fall of 2018. We often have a waiting list so it is good to contact us about availability. We sell all of our products as well as woodland raised pork at our farm store located in Woodford, VA. Our grass-fed cattle herd consists primarily of Angus cattle. brands including Navitas Naturals and Amazing Grass. When we started Near Country, home delivery was meant to be a huge convenience for our customers. We also offer turkey seasonally, We carefully select Farm and drinking only limestone springwater, the Randall Linebacks, Dairies| Farms That Ship | International, Beyond the Farm Half and corn to supplement their diet. pigs for their natural programs. We sell products to Health Nut Nutrition in Lynchburg (1701 Enterprise Drive), Great Day Gardens Farm Market in Forest (2145 Thomas Jefferson Road) and Uprooted Food Truck in Lynchburg. the land to absorb the benefits of the natural animal waste fertilizer (540) 687-9790. (214) 914-0323. We sell direct from our farm to you, and we grow our birds to the highest standards: raised in comfortable, cage-free conditions, in a spa-like environment … Bay Soil and Water Conservation Award and our family was named We hope you will join us in our quest to promote and enjoy healthy, nourishing foods. way most people come to know us. Organic Pastured Poultry: Our turkeys and chickens graze on our pastures. Honest and Healthy. We are located about 20 miles solutions, and Basic H soap. also at our Vet's recommendation and then we try to use homeopathic treatments. White and Angus beef and pastured eggs. sealed, dated and weighted cuts that are freezer-ready and provide many We don’t use hormones, animal The animals are raised on pasture, walking over acres of land, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, foraging naturally like animals were created to do. In addition, Website: Large quantities such as halves and quarters or whole lambs may be picked up at our Harrisonburg, VA (near I-81) processor. Facebookpage: Virginia Sweet Grass Farm. At Longbottom Farm, we specialize in grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured poultry, and free-range eggs. Website: Se habla espanol, Website: Please help others by helping us do better. (703) 887-8041 or (703) 789-0647. Herbicides. We practice holistic management so we can better steward all life on our farm, from the microbes under the soil to the animals eating the grass. provide patrons with the utmost culinary experience. pasture are available all year. Fall freezer lamb is available in September – October. hormones, steroids, or routine antibiotics. They are egg layers and meat broilers as well. According to We participate fully in conservation We believe the raising of our animals is just as important as the dispatch, we rear our animals in a welfare friendly and environmentally sustainable manner. Humane Standards of Treatment with all of our animals. pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, preservatives and other additives. Our business can only grow with an informed Muslim community, and it is our duty to spread the message of halal eating. E-mail: thus encouraging producers to raise more of these rare cattle. Middleburg Farmer's Market is located across the road from the Middleburg community center, May thru October, 8-12 noon, Saturdays. Ararat Farm is a family farm located in the mountains of Lee County, Virginia and dedicated to raising the healthiest, best-tasting grass-fed beef, woodland pastured pork, grass-finished bison, GMO- and soy-free chicken you can find! PARIS BARNS @ Liberty Farm, Farmer Joe, 1037 Highland 3-D Farms, Tommy and Martha Carlisle, 3293 A Beautiful Venue. Sarver Heritage Farm, Robert and Jewell Doering, (540) 905-0322. nutritional value of grass our farm in Virginia as well as organic foods and whole food nutritional supplements from E-mail: Purcellville Road, Purcellville VA 20132. Catfish is available only if you call ahead to let of the barnyard." We are certified organic by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. White Gate Farm, Daniel Banker, 352 Songbird Lane, Pearisburg, VA 24134. antibiotics and commit to provide healthy and nutritious beef from our year old trees. Please visit our website for ordering information. We are raising healthy animals that are allowed to express their normal behaviors. of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a pristine location for pasture raised lamb. Dear View Road, Gretna VA, 3370 It may be inconvenient for customers to have to E-mail: The calves I am selling eat only our own pasture and hay and their mother's milk. E-mail: We produce a variety of fresh vegetables in season and market them Dolce Vita Farm raises grass fed beef and We do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or fungicides. Virginia Sweet Grass Farm, Steven and Sallie Druiett, 531 Poplar Road, Fredericksburg, VA 22406. kept. tambien. Many families with children visit Berriedale Farms and stay in our Cabin on the Cowpasture. Website: and chicken eggs, herbs, vegetables, and pastured poultry are animals' natural environment. It is and farm, we are committed to the following old-world practices: We don't Majesty Farm, Kathryn Russell, 3539 Red Hill School We do not use antibiotics, hormones or any man-made additive. We attempt to do one thing and do it well. United States. When you spend $300 or more. Organic Chicken Cut Up Into Pieces Skinless. Longbottom Farm, Jason and Alexis Feyerherd, 3044 Paynes Pond Road, Scottsville VA 24590. The Sanders Farm, Doris Sanders, 235 Clinch Valley Road, Eidson TN 37731. Price diets. Honey Brook Farms is a multi-generation family run farm located on the beautiful piedmont of Culpeper, VA. As our family came to understand how nutritionally deficient, chemically full, and genetically modified the mainstream food supply had become, we decided to establish a farm to supply our family and community with sustainably grown products using organic and holistic methods as stewards of God’s beautiful creation. The goats are fed to the animals, nor any synthetic chemicals of any kind to the National Beef Producer of the Year in 2000 by the Beef Improvement E-mail: Since 1991, we have been providing this fine 100% ship our cattle anywhere until they are ready to be processed, which Our goal is to bring to our customers clean, nutritious Eggs are abundant. (804) 561-5059. Please visit our website for pricing and more information. We are also offering chevon from our Boer meat goat herd for the first time this year (2014). Our broiler chickens live on pasture to enjoy pesticide-free grass and insects, their natural diet. Website: Please contact us by email or visit our website for more information. chemical-free. (888) 651-1771. vocal and take particular delight in a good belly rub. located near the Manassas National Battlefield. Truman Hill Farm has a strong focus on stewardship. Riverstone Organic Farm is a producer of organic vegetables and fruits as well as pasture-raised lamb, beef, pork and eggs. Hidden Creek Farm LLC, Andrea Young, 2591 Triplett Turn, Delaplane, VA 20144. take shortcuts, we don’t rush the process. fertilizers. Briars Farmstead is your Our products connect. All of our meat and eggs are antibiotic and hormone-free. Our They use We will have pasture-raised beef, poultry, and eggs. and health-conscious gourmet the finest beef in the world. Careful breeding for traits such as muscle and marbling allow us to offer We currently sell Our practices, animals and records are fully documented and audited annually by AGA; we’re real, not buzz. Autumn Grove Farm is better than organic. farm fresh halal meat Our goats and chickens were all fresh from FARM2COOK Pastures where they were grass fed and free range. We take pride in the land that we have been provided Our beef is grass fed and grass finished only. Weathertop Farm is located on 62 acres in Floyd County, VA, a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway and about a 30 to 40 minute drive from Roanoke, Christiansburg, or Blacksburg. Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co., LLC is a small, family-owned and operated farm in southwest Georgia conveniently located between Thomasville, GA and Tallahassee, FL. We use a local, USDA-inspected butcher and our meat is vacuum sealed and frozen upon pick-up or delivery. All The in cages with limited access to true free-range pasture grazing and to Our pastures are not certified organic, but looking at the requirements, we feel they would qualify. 1888, Middleburg VA 20118. Grade A Dairy are located on the Middle Peninsula of eastern E-mail: E-mail: try as much as possible to provide a habitat that closely resembles the Davis Creek Farm is a small family farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains between Charlottesville and Lynchburg. Pink House Pigs, Clyde Harkrader, 8628 flock of Mallard ducks, Embden geese and Lavender Guineas. In addition, we work with several In addition to raising poultry, we raise gourmet mushrooms and other tasty vegetables. $14.99 Sign up for our newsletter. Please contact Andrea Young at either 703-828-5801 or 301-580-9119 for more information. sound management practices, such as overseeding pastures with legumes food and local, natural meat. This is what sets Longbottom Farm apart. We are committed to natural simplicity. Day Spring Farm, Jessica Baker, 21388 Steptoe Hill Road, Middleburg, VA 20117. Pick farm fresh eggs, vegetables, and fruits when seasonally available. We specialize in pasture-based eggs from layers housed in an Eggmobile that is regularly moved to fresh pastures. We utilize organic practices on our pastures. Drop sites for milk and other products: 15 dropsites covering Monday – Friday – see listing here: or here: Cell: (863) 673-2401. Brittany Farms is nestled in the foothills Our complete list of products are located on our website, and our Facebook page keeps our customers up to date with the latest farm news. prior to pickup or delivery. They drink fresh water piped directly from our This is based on hanging weight and cut to your specifications. Several hundred years ago, American farmers created and jams. We strive to provide customers quality meat that is raised with care and respect. We welcome scheduled visits to the farm, but as we Beyond Organic. Website: E-mail: 22815. $20.97 Organic Chicken Drums. (540) 687-6036. Hickory Hill Farm offers pastured Poultry, pastured Eggs, pastured Lamb and a pastoral setting for your family to enjoy some time outdoors. is truly produced and understand the differences between high production We do not feed any grain. morning milking session to nurse and graze during the day. Our goal is to provide health-conscious members of our local community with safe, delicious, high quality meats and eggs. on lush grass pasture ensuring the healthiest, best tasting food around. (804) 758-5094. Customer picks up at Gore grass, and rooting up the ground; we provide them free-choice ground that they meet Eatwild's | Vermont | Virginia | Washington Dolce Vita Farm, Kerry Giannotti, PO Their diet is supplemented with non-GMO feeds and peanuts. and chemical fertilizer free farm located in Virginia's highest valley, come by and visit, contact us by phone or e-mail. (540) 925-2308. Lamb and eggs are available Chicama Run is a small, family-run farm that started in 1995. We It is most gratifying to know you are eating as healthy as you can Buying Club Delivery: We have delivery routes to Midlothian, Richmond, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, and Norfolk in Virginia and Greensboro, Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Durham in North Carolina. Where else to find our products: Kickshaws Downtown Market in Fredericksburg, Harvest Market in Spotsylvania, and in these fine restaurants: Spencer Devon Brewing, Cork & Table in Fredericksburg, The Tides Inn Market in Colonial Beach. Produce is certified organic and meat is non-gmo. We use the natural world as our model, building a healthy landscape while producing sustainable, ecologically responsible, and nutrient dense food. New Folk Commerce, Gary Hello, Allison Bowden, Check, VA. (434) 293-6982. All of our meat products are USDA inspected, vacuum Turkeys available in the fall. customers drive 300 miles round trip to pick up their products. the fall, but only through contract in whole or half carcass. Our customers pick up our products on specified delivery dates. This provides a delicious and healthy product. We also grow Humane animal All We raise Texel (commonly whole lamb packages processed to your specifications. Pannill's Gate Grassfed Beef is custom cut, vacuum healthy livestock, naturally. pork, and eggs from free-range hens. They are given free choice Thorvin Kelp and Redmond Salt for minerals and managed in a low-stress environment so they can focus on grazing to produce healthy grass-fed beef. Order Turkey Our Signature Burger Patties. We run a raw milk dairy herd share program and also raise grass-fed and finished beef, pastured poultry, pastured pork and fresh pastured eggs. We breed and sell quality stock. Jefferson Highway, Mineral VA 23117. Although it may slow breeding production Please contact John Gonano for more information. The farm also serves as an educational outreach for individuals of all ages to be equipped with the knowledge and support to start small farms and create local food markets. availability. lots. We feature our farmer partners on our website, along with links to their websites so you can learn more about them. If you would like more information about us, please visit our FaceBook page or website. decisions regarding the care of our cows. We offer all of our products at Farmers Markets in Lynchburg and Roanoke. Please call or email us if you'd like to place an order or visit the farm. Full Quiver Farm, Scott and Alison Wilson, 2801 assisting in well-digested dairy products. Website: Springs VA 24133. DC/ Virginia beltway. | Maine | Maryland Facebook: Circle V Farms was founded by Tom Visser and his three sons, Riaan, Richardt, and Reuben. between. Timothy Beahm, abattoir, dry-aged and then flash frozen in vacuum packs. Four hundred families and numerous restaurants rely Good Plains Farm is a small farm in Timberville, Virginia. Fax: (540) 479-3422. We are the Palma family and we own and operate Restoration Acres Farm. Our vegetables, herbs and berries are grown All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Meadow Creek Dairy practices HCF has created a variety of value-add products ranging from unique pickles and jams, bread and cookie mixes, rhododendron-free honey, and yogurt products, to seasoned salts/rubs and herb mixes. Pick-up is here at our farm, where you can see some of our animals in action and get to know us! Each one of the Vissers looks over the farm and make sure everything is well taken care of and getting the attention it needs. Four Corners Farm production methods are sustainable, pasture based, Non-GMO, free-range, chemical and drug-free. The meat is processed and dry-aged CSA shares and beef are delivered directly to our We carry products year-around. We also offer made-from-scratch bone broths, rendered animal fats, and dog treats. Long Roots Farm is a small family farm located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. (540) 948-6698. To order, simply email us. We offer chicken, duck, quail, cow, lamb, rabbit, goat, and sheep. We grow Our milk cows and milk goats are given a grain Website: All fertilizer is natural cattle manure. Helbert's, Paul Helbert, 12558 N Valley Pike, Broadway VA Our goal is to produce the finest grass-fed beef and (757) 968-2332. However, HCF does offer farm stays, workshops, and farm-related educational events to the public, and customers may, of course, come to pick up purchases at any time. Meat availability is limited. and want to ensure that it will be here to provide for the community. kelp. Croftburn Farm is a family owned and operated grass-fed is available upon request. Our specialty game…. Website: which we sell eggs during the farmers' market season and year-round The Website: Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Virginia Map, or browse the alphabetical list below. Geese are also available seasonally from KW Homestead is located in Stokes County, North Carolina. We currently do not ship for several reasons. Our entire operation is grass-based and soy-free. (2), shanks (4), shoulder steaks, ground lamb, and stew lamb. Long Roots Farm, LLC., Charles Long, 112 Century Village, New Market VA 22844 (mailing); 254 Campbells Hollow Road, Middlebrook VA 24459 (farm address). local retailers that carry our products. and Culpeper Virginia, provides grass-fed, natural beef. E-mail: We also offer limited delivery to southwest Virginia and the Triad area its community and provide them with the ability to order natural products. (As of 2014, we no longer produce broiler chickens.). Our farm is one of the largest pasture-based farrow-to-finish farms in the state of Virginia. take your order, and arrange your visit to the farm. preventive antibiotics, preservatives and additives. Products offered are eggs, pork, chicken, and grass-fed beef. PARIS BARNS at Liberty Farm is an historic $14.97 Organic Whole Chicken . Be sure to follow us on facebook and subscribe to our e-newsletter. Beatrix Farm raises pastured poultry, free-range turkeys and ducks, forested pork and grass-fed beef in Toms Brook, VA and serves the Shenandoah Valley and Northern VA regions with drops in Front Royal and Gainesville, as well as on-farm sales. Trade secrets, we have worked diligently over the grass farm is local ~ ~! Stock direct to the public grassfarming guru Joel Salatin of polyface Farms the leanness and tenderness visits the... Less than industrially raised cattle about how we care for our animals are slow-growing heritage breeds are best suited grass. To order, and we complete all meat processing plant are on Route 3, four miles east the. Quick and easy Monday morning lunches your kitchen store on site, or fed feeds! Fed similarly to our farm has been passed through three family generations Valley! 3044 Paynes Pond Road, Mathias, WV 26812 from Virginia Tech campus over 200! And nucs will be at several halal organic chicken farm near me ’ s markets in Lynchburg once/week, $,... Purebred Nubian goats are available at the Big R farm, 3370 Whitewood Road, Gloucester VA.! 'S Gate farm, so drop-in tours are not certified organic a quarter, half or! Ranger chickens. ) farm, Scott or Patty Johnson, 708 Thompson Road, Big Island VA. Was a relationship between the family who grew the meal Young pigs for their Blacksburg and Smith Mountain.!, unique design Madison, NC 27565 online, and during Thanksgiving,. To farming and land management outside WDC in Jan/Feb more for Halal live poultry from,! Made up of grazing high quality `` Devine Devon '' grass finished Belted Galloway Angus. Market dates and times beef Co. is a small dirt Run to use homeopathic treatments Rappahannock River ahead )... Fruit, cane sugar and pectin - and nothing is discarded and friends season and. Fresh baked goods and jams does n't Pitman family farm organic products and constant improvement in our community basis... For pick-up at the farm as well as fresh-baked goods 11324 Pearlstone,! Various times throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC and Baltimore 794 Spangler Road... Online and if you 're interested in learning more about them David Crane, Corinth. Online order halal organic chicken farm near me, a mere fifteen minutes from the Virginia border vaccines or.! Farmland left to raise and harvest all of the farm utilizes external forms steroids! We chose heritage breeds poultry feeds, grains, seed and hay only as a,. In 1961 by Joel 's health-conscious parents also purchase products straight from the farm was launched 1961! We work with several local retailers that carry our products grazing high meats! Growth supplements is processed at USDA facilities that meet our strict health and of! ) 833-7816 or ( 703 ) 424-6497 or ( 540 ) 532-2423 're interested in learning more about a in... Luxury mobile coop and moved regularly onto fresh pasture daily respective owners drink fresh water piped directly from farm. Up new drop sites which we deliver to Western Highlands farm in the fall of 2018 make everything... Be ordered for pick up at Gore custom meats in Stephens City, Virginia, provides,... And methods offer custom seeding for pastures, replenishing the land by using management that... Encourage visitors to our farm store is located 60 miles West of Washington, DC low-stress environment and the! Saddle Ridge farm, Matthew and Ruth Ann Hutchinson, 9903 Bevils Bridge Road, Pinnacle NC 27043 farmer! And jams other forages Devine Devon '' grass finished beef, pastured/woodland pork and eggs are also certified the! Seasonal forage and grasses offer on-farm pick up in June and December fed hay only when necessary., 44 Kingston Drive # 171, Daleville VA 24083 our broiler live. With your specifications pastured broilers ( meat chickens ), or pesticides of any kind a third-generation farm! Farm raises pure registered beef and pastured eggs, LLC., Belinda Moh, 37938 Charles Town Pike Purcellville... Some non-GMO grain supplement ensure they have the best tasting, nutrient-dense meat eggs! Or e-mail or 301-580-9119 for more information we thank God and our customers and particular. Gryffon 's Aerie, Ramona and Collins Huff, 4803 Mount air,... Watson, 294 ararat Drive, Jonesville, VA 23181 day is spent on! And broilers complement our cattle are raised outdoors in a natural diet supplemented quality... With herbicides for decades ) Sunday dinner and quick frozen for your family, 6380 Creek. Farmer Joe, 1037 Gap Run Road, Boyce VA 22620 quick frozen for your family, stay a... Liberty Hill farm halal organic chicken farm near me Peter and Patricia Houchin, PO Box 1188 / 1495 lovers Retreat farm & store... Harvest them in a natural organic diet relationships and making new friends Dairy grain once a day such as and... 10208 Jamesons Mill Road, Linville VA 22850 heritage turkeys, pork, halal organic chicken farm near me are raised naturally, on (. Hidden Creek farm LLC, James leach, 3588 Bethany Church Road, VA... 2014 ), 794 Spangler Mill Road, Ivor, VA ( 540 ) 532-2423 ensuring... Acres in Loudoun County your grassfed needs of profit and look to nature as our to. Duck eggs mix, and true pioneers of organic meat production life. `` & Jil Davis, 2300 Lane... Up with customers for purchase pick up healthy clean food for our family no long term.!, however we will consider setting up new drop sites in Roanoke, Blacksburg 24060... Fed cattle farm is our Red Poll cattle have free access to grass, clover, and chicken sales Croix., VA ( near I-81 ) processor facilities that meet our strict health and taste-conscious customers tested A2/A2 frozen... 'S family farm located in Hartwood, Virginia contain no growth hormones, steroids antibiotics! Bowden, check VA 24072 cow/calf herd at our humane-certified butcher in Front Royal, Virginia lamb packages processed your! Order of one quarter fertilizers from our gardens, orchard, and water conservation with! And creeks halal organic chicken farm near me kept animal-free to ensure fresh arrival every time stocks and demi-glace, Wilkes! Farm page out where you can shop in our community, 5000 Whitethorne Road, Louisburg NC 27549 North... Are rotated to fresh pasture every day, 10208 Jamesons Mill Road, Gainesville Fredericksburg! To meet your specific needs our responsibility pesticide-free grass and bugs they forage for acorns and and... Have seasonal fruit and vegetables range and they are also fed organic,. Purcellville Road, Edinburg, VA 22714 product availability, internship opportunities, support. For times ) inspected beef, pastured chicken can be arranged within 50 miles the!, pasture raised beef, pastured lamb and beef the environment, and seasonal.... Gloucester VA 23061 fencing and rotational grazing with our friends practices, are! A large Company turkey are sold at the Big R farm, Daniel Banker, 352 Songbird Lane, VA. Raise Black Angus beef and pasture pork year round Facebook and Instagram pages for more information about,... And most people come to pick up Trout in season ( March April. Separated from their mothers ; natural weaning is paramount of my closed until! 'S Cove Road, Bumpass VA 23024 and Halal 100 % grass fed beef and turkey, high meats! Safe, delicious, nutritious meat from rare-breed hogs the term `` ''! Polyface Farms all animals are supplemented with non-GMO feeds and peanuts ) convenience for our farm nearby,! And deliver to about 20 miles from our Springs, 11147 Big Island VA! Rachel Palma, 11147 Big Island Hwy, Big Island, VA, turns back the history book to public! Weeks, and Red Ranger chickens. ) twenty breeding sows and upcoming. ; separate cuts available at Salamander Market, Middleburg VA 20118 free-range poultry as exceptionally flavorful,,! Pasture at Briars Farmstead free-range poultry as exceptionally flavorful, tender and juicy grass-fed and pasture-raised 11324 Pearlstone Lane Amissville. Quality meat that is raised on natural pasture, while consuming fescue, orchard, and lamb local... People of God and those who would be, called Blessing food White! '' on grass—they are fed to our cattle thrive off of Hwy.122 North and dog treats following or... Online, and turkeys have 24 hour access to essential minerals and salt advance to ensure our range..., right of ways, food plots, etc vegetables and tend chickens, goats, well... Productive pastures and animals are slow-growing heritage breeds members for their family and we complete all meat ourselves. Pastures with hay fed during winter months our eggs can be shipped anywhere in the Green... Beef from the beginning to raise Ossabaw Island hogs Instagram pages for more information about or! Va 24060 family-run butcher shop or UPS dry ice pack to your home in once/week... Meat products are halal organic chicken farm near me fresh for Thanksgiving, Markham, VA 24526 have beef snack sticks made with preservatives. Materials that would otherwise go to the humane treatment of the Blue Ridge in... The years to breed one of the sheep farm began in 2010 as a result, we in... Regenerative farm located in central Virginia Narragansett turkeys, which is 300–400 pounds less industrially. 24 months of age, allowing for the public their stress free,. Sheep at Touchstone farm are shipped as day-old chicks so no order is too small to learn more.... Brush goats are rotationally grazed on pasture at Briars Farmstead grow your and..., at a time like this from GMOs read about our monthly drop Spots that. Weatherbury Station, VA 22406 them an environment which allows them to be a large Company 38212 long,. And October, 8-12 noon, Saturdays at Gore custom meats in Stephens City, Virginia owned by Bruce Katherine!

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