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nbde part 2 sample questions

nbde part 2 sample questions

nbde part 2 sample questions

Gagging: bad palatal seal, too far back, increased VDO, whisteling S sound: palatal arch too high or narrow, vertical overlap not enough, too much horizontal overlap LISTHP: incisor too far back, palate too thick max and mn premolars contach during sibilant sounds tx: fix VDO, take face bow to locate hinge axis point only (needed if we wanna increase VDO preserve on articulator with plaster index (preferred) or 10x wax. most common sign of tooth trauma from occlusion: ANS B=fremitus(X-ray: PDL Widening, lamina dura thickening, angular bone loss, root resorp, hypercementosis) for fremitus can also selectively grind down . Patreon. This lesion is composed of cells that are identical to those of the: 23-Which of the following has no radiOpacities. How to fix the patient’s problem? Practice Questions. (pedicle graft/coronal if there’s enough keratinized tissue to cover, miller I and II ) coronally advanced flap is not indicated for recession >3 mm. (through palatal flap). Mark one answer: Dentin dysplasia type I Dentin dysplasia type II Dentinogenesis imperfecta Hypercementosis, Q:3-Sutures are jigsaw puzzle-like lines in the skull. Oral prophylaxis at 3-month intervals b. 18.2 is numerical. 1 (from buccal/lingual plate, inf border, max sinus, nasal cavity) from natural tooth 1.5 (always add bone graft to sinus floor not to ridge), apical migration of junctional epithelium, Why you put implants instead of tissue born RPD in lower arch which is opposite upper natural dentation, 2.implant gives support, tissue gives retention, 3 implant gives retention, tissue support, 4 implant gives retention tissue retention, Ans 3 (4 implant min for maxilla, 2 for mandible), 1) typically refers to larger diameter implant and smaller diameter abutment, 2) requires less bone remodelling post abutment placement. Recommended NBDE Exam Practice Material: First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part I. dentEssentials: High-Yield NBDE Part I Review. inhibit gastric acidity, Test to do for patient taking Coumandin a. PT/INR (test for people taking heparin? Free Sample NBDE Part 1 Exam questions 2020 Past Papers Questions of ADC/NBDE and NDEB with Answers and Explanations (Download Pdf) In this article we will share stuff related to Australian Dental Council Exam, NBDE Part 1 and NDEB. The NBDE Part II question bank follows the exam content outline for the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part II Guide. 3000+ NBDE Part II multiple choice practice questions NBDE Part II Quiz Questions Practice anywhere, anytime, even without a connection Check Previous Questions. To practice dentistry in the USA you will need to get admission to 2 years of DDS course being provided in the various dental colleges in the USA. Watch to Learn More × Your study partner as you prepare for the NBDE Part II. 40-year- old patient has 32 unrestored teeth. A- VDO and length of maxillary occlusal rim was adequate . We discuss in these nbde questions from different topics like nbde part 2 test, nbde … Diagnosis? Usually used with osseous surgery. Which of the following is the treatment of choice? E. at the level of the CEJ junction ans: C, 90 degree incision facial or lingual toward the tooth, Coronal to Mucogingival junction, just above, Modified Widman flap: Variation of replaced flap (not displaced). During endo treatment dentist made a ledge what is the reason? Furcation II class 4. Probing measurement B. Radiograph C. Full flap exploration D. other option ans C. Of the 4 critical zones of pockets surgery, Phase I therapy solve many of the problems on this particular zone. How many pins should you place in amalgam? Which can differentiate between acute apical abscess and acute periodontal abscess? Dr. Fun july 2020 mamba mentality. D) The first statement is FALSE, the second is TRUE. after the apex of the permanent root has completely formed. speedy snail . Worse complication: IAN paresthesia neurosensory loss (mostly to pull fwd but also back)*condyle not moves, vertical ramus: specifically to put back**, Distraction Osteogenesis (DO): done in ant mandible, lengthen only not widen. 2) extract the coronal segment and surgically remove the apical segment. 12) xray about zygomatic process at panorama 13) the patient ask you to change the date of the bill..fraud B. is the treatment for Class II skeletal malocclusions with severe space shortage. C. above the mucogingival junction. Long Junctional epithelium (reparative), CAL (CEJ to base of pocket)= PDD+rececion, Gracey scalers: area specific, cuts on one edge, semi cirucular in cross sx, 60 degree bevel, 13/14 for Distal implant epithelium: hemidesmosom, osteointegration, Hyperplastic tuberosity method: wedging technique (distal wedge), FGG: nutrients from recipient but healing by proli from epith adjacent from donor (indication widen keratinized giniva, apical to free gingival margin, make it more thick), Pedicle seconds, adhesion attachment mins, plaque colonization 12-24hrs (first facultative gram +ive aerobs, then filaments until day 7 then after 1 week gram – anaerobes) plaque first formed in interprox, During Sr/p: dentin, cementum and calculus removal, disadvantage of cancellous autograft: lack of strength, problems with chemotaxis in neutrophil: can lead to Aggressive perio, Attached gingiva thickest in lateral maxilla (most) and least in mandibular first premolar and canine(least): true, Intermedia is shown to increase in all of the following except. ADA NBDE National Board Dental Part II Try 50 free example ADA NBDE National Board Dental Part II test questions. 46- In forced excursion of central incisors u pull it: 76-Which is hardest to maintain space missing primary. External resorption of the tooth. What is it? Mesial, doing endo, which part of Mn M1 perforate: D of mesial canal then M of distal, contraindication in endo: recent MI, uncontrolled DM, contraindication of pulec/pulpo in: leukemia. Surgical acess, tx of infraboney pockets, root planning. All of these reasons are why you keep mand 2molar in mouth that’s ankylosed as long as possible except: The late mesial shift of a permanent first molar primarily the result of closure of: A. Canine, Extraction Ans B (early mesial shift is when permanent M1 erupts because of primate space), 45- 4 years child Primary central intruded 5 mm what to do, Ans 3 (if specifically says its touching tooth bud, then EXT according to DD), A 6 year old patient has an intrusive injury to tooth 5.2 All of the following are possible sequelae to the permanent successor EXCEPT. Which of the following shows 200% of its adult growth by age 9-10 years? which abutment/cantilever system will have the most traumatic effect on the abutment? The pain characteristic that may provide information regarding its etiology while taking pain history is: Each of the following statements about chronic hyperplastic pulpitis is true EXCEPT one. We discuss in these nbde questions from different topics like nbde part 2 test, nbde study material free download 2021. For incipient caries what do you recommend? Hemiseptum 2. One would expect to see, And C (indicated in chronic irritation, denture, speech interference, place palatal stent to prevent hematoma formation and to support flap. 1. Prevent migrating after diasthema closure Ans A (advantage of external splint over internal splint: conservation of tooth structure) Indications for splinting: (1) mobility of teeth that is increasing or that impairs patient comfort, (2) migration of teeth (3) prosthetics where multiple abutments are necessary. What do you do? ), Most strong porcelain: firing under compression What increases with age: chroma, How to prevent Metamerism? The grooves are uncoalesced. B. not likely to recover C. more frequent than damage to the inferior alveolar nerve D. too rare to inform the patient during consent Ans A (never sever section the tooth completely and never do trough in lingual corex). Maxillary sinus, Identify the u shape in x ray: zygomatic process (u above 1st Mx M1), Soap bubble/step ladder appearance: Odontogenic myxoma, Honey combed appearance: aneurysmal bone cyst, Scoop out radioL: histiocytosis x/langerhans, Ground glass appearance: Fibrous dysplasia (McCune with map of maine café au lait +hyperPTH+fibrous dyspl), Swish cheese appearance histology: Adenoid cystic carcinoma, Ghost cells: Calcifying odontogenic cyst/gorlin cyst, Radiolucency like dentigerous w snowflake around Mx C: Adenoid odontogenic tumor AOT, Radiolucency around crown: Dentigerous cyst, Radiolucency with driven snow calcification: CEOT/pindborg, Asymptomatic radiolucencies and transform radiopacities: Cemento-osseous dysplasia, Sequestered bone seen in Xray: Osteomyelitis, Multiple myeloma: punched out radiolucency, Dental lamina forms at 6w but teeth begin to calcify 2nd trimester, During initiation: supernumerary (most in Mx anterior mesioense), agenesis (least Mx canine), During cap stage (proliferation): fusion (in primary, 2 Root, tooth count 1 less), germination (1Root normal tooth count), odontoma, dense in den (permanent MX LI), cyst, during bell histo : AI, DI bell morpho: peg lateral, macrodoncia, taurodontism, concrescene, dens evaginatus, During apposition: enamel hypoplasia, pearls, concresence, During maturation and Calcification/mineralization: Fluorosis(enamel), tetracyclin(dentin), thickness of coronal dentin in primary teeth, compared with permanent teeth: ½, thickness of coronal enamel in primary teeth, compared with permanent teeth: s.s…, Most common class for pedo: flush terminal (will turn to edge to egde or class I), If mesial terminal: most likely (class I or III) after tx of child, most common: traumatic lip injury, the difference between the dimensions of primary C&D&E and permanent canine+ first and second premolars? Learn nbde part 2 with free interactive flashcards. What cannot be seen with a PA radiograph? Section 9 Prosthodontics 341 SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. ans 3 (should be 2-3 mm below CEJ of adj tooth), Cervical position while placing an implant, how should the implant be placed in relation to adjacent CEJ? Ans 4 (cavo-surface in composite should be obtuse greater than 90). Ans: D because most cases due to passive eruption. Which of the following is the best initial treatment? C. application of pit and fissure sealants. D- Improper buccolingual position of the teeth. D) 1 is incorrect and 2 is correct. What is the patient health status? E. requires leeway space maintenance. D. Establishment of vertical dimension of occlusion. Economy-Finance-Accounting Resources Download, Graduate Admissions Exam Resources Download, College Admissions Exam Resources Download, 3D Models-Pepakura Pdo Resources Download, Nbde Part 2 Short Notes and Remembered Questions, NBDE Part 2 İmportant Notes and Questions, 2019 NBDE Part 2-Questions and Answers-LILLY PULLITZER, NBDE Part 2 Endodontics Notes-Questions-Decks, NBDE Part 1 Books, Short Notes and Remebered Questions, Welding And İts Alloys Notes and Resources, Solution Manual-Mechanical Engineering Design 9Th Edition, Shigly, Solution Manual Fundamentals Of Electric Circuits 3Rd Edition, Russell C Hibbeler Engineering Mechanics Notes, Reed’s Marine Engineering Series Volume 1 To 12. worse prognosis of tx as we go coronally towards alv crest. Primary support for complete denture? Work horse and high predictability AFP indications: surgically eliminate mod/deep pockets, furcation, Cr lengthening. extract the mandibular first molar to equalize the tooth-size ratio. Which of the following is NOT true regarding orthodontic tooth movement? What is the most likely emergency this patient would have in the dental office? (simple fracture in enamel and dentine only vs complicated fracture of Cr and root). Share. Ans D ( for retention buccal A for mandible, palatal for max, wherever theres most bulk). 95- Appearance of an osseous crater in a bitewing x-ray will show: Which systemic disease does not especially predispose to perio? Each of the following governs the extension of the buccal flange while making a mandibular impression on an edentulous arch EXCEPT one. View Exams. 126- – Most common cause of rest breaking? Clx: child/ teen, female, slow-growing, asymp unerupted/impacted MX C x-ray: well-defined unilocular radioL surrounding crown of MX C apically than CEJ (DD: dentigerous cyst) with  “snowflake”* calcifications tx: capsulated so enucleation, Ameloblastoma is a most aggressive & most common EPITHELIAL odontogenic tumor. 3) surgically remove the apical segment and reverse fill the coronal segment. other on lateral tongue or floor of the mouth. Five hours ago, a 12-year-old boy fell and fractured his maxillary right central incisor at. Required fields are marked *. You’ll have access to 1,500 board review questions to prepare for the NBDE exam. Clicking of the dentures during speech most often indicates which of the following? 2,760 Cards – 23 Decks – 22 Learners Sample Decks: Endo, Mosby's Practice Questions , Practice Questions 2 Show Class NCBE Part 1- combo set. EPT tends to be unreliable in young teeth since C fibers are more easily electrically stimulated than A fibers. The day after a routine Class V composite was placed, the patient reports discomfort from the tooth. Enhance the strength of the tooth, Provide the root canal sealing E. ferrule effect, What angulation post would be placed for retention, Follow the canal ans: prefabricated metal posts: active (threaded) vs passive. 9am EST. The only defects are deep- stained grooves in posterior teeth. B) Bohn’s nodule C) Congenital cyst of newborn ans B, Epstein pearls: (keratin-filled cysts on midline raphe, not odonto) Bohn’s nodule (keratin-filled cysts rests of dental lamina odontogenic cysts) congenital cyst/epulis of newborn: granular cell myoblastoma on gingiva, Salivary flow hypofunction: unstimulated less than 0.1mL, and stimulated <0.7mL, Most common tumor OVERALL of salivary gland: Pleomorphic adenoma, Most commonly resembles parotid gland, mixed cell type, firm rubbery consistency, Most common tumor of MAJOR salivary parotid: Pleomorphic adenoma, Most common tumor overall of MINOR salivary: Pleomorphic adenoma, Most common MALIGANANCY of salivary gland: Mucoepidernoid, ACC, 2nd Most common malignancy of MINOR salivary gland: PLGA, Adenoid cystic carcinoma ACC: Perineural invasion seen, cribriform, swiss cheese, highly reccurent, 15 year survival 10% (lethal), palate, Warthin tumor (Papillary Cystadenoma-lymphomatosum) in: 2nd benign parotid, oncocyte+lymphoid stroma, PLGA: second most common of minor malignancy sialolith found in: Wharton duct (submandibular) need occlusal x-ray to dx, A.Adenoid cystic carcinoma(malignant palate) B. Acinic cell adenocarcinoma (malignanat in parotid), Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (malignant parotid) Ans A, 1)uncommon and represent 2-4% of head and neck neoplasms, 2)common and represent 75-80% of head and neck neoplasms, 3)uncommon and represent 25-30% of head and neck neoplasms, 4)common and represent 95-98% of head and neck neoplasms Ans 1, Found Presence of Supernumerary teeth in: Cleidocranial dysplasia, Anodontia/Oligodontia mostly related to: Ectodermal dysplasia (mostly seen in Alveolar bone), Odontomas mostly associated with: Gardeners syndrome, Dens invaginates is commonly seen: Max lateral, Dens-in-dente most common in: MX LI Most common site of osteo-fibrosis (Cementoma): Mandibular Anterior, Hypercementosis, most common in PMs in Paget’s disease, Discolored of teeth seen: (Porphyria: purplish brown)(Cystic fibrosis: yellowish brown)(, Erythroblastosis fetalis: Ring like enamel hypoplasia, Blue sclera is seen in: osteogenesis imperfecta, hypophosphatasia, Actinomyces oral manifestation: Lumpy jaw, sulfur granules, 1st sign of multiple myeloma: Bone pain (“punched out” lesion in X-ray), Osteosarcoma: Sun burst and uniform/symmetrical widening PDL, paresthesia, Scleroderma: widening of PDL + microstomia, Most common benign tumor in oral cavity: Fibroma, Lesion of alveolar ridge in infant: Bohn’s nodule, Dry socket is a form of Periostitis, Pathophysiology of dry socket: Fibrinolysis Keratosis on the oral mucosa and dysplasia are more common in: tongue Oral Hairy Leukoplakia: not premalignant, caused by EBV, Osteonecrosis most common with IV drugs: Zolmeda (zoledronic acid) & Aredia (Palmidronate), not with Oral (Fosamax or Boniva), Nikolsky Sign: Pemphigus vulgaris (Acantholysis present) & Erythema multiforme, Subepithelial vesicular disease: Pemphigoid & Lichen planus, Chronic Desquamative gingivitis AKA Cicatrical pemphigoid, Cauliflower like pebbly appearance: Verrucous carcinoma, Condyloma accuminatum, Papilloma, Granular Cell Tumor (skin or mucosal tumor) histologically resembles: Congenital epulis, SCC, Lesion that resembles to SCC, but disappears in 16 weeks: Kerato-acanthoma (Skin tumor), Most common malignancy found in: Metastatic Ca (Bone), Basal cell ca (skin), SCC/Epidermoid ca (oral cavity) Muco-epidermoid Ca (Salivary gland), Swelling on maxillary lateral incisor area, doesn’t appear on rx. Hyperplasia is very important because: Superinfection is a common cause of aphthous stomatitis extract the coronal.! Produces x-rays with: ans: D ( only D is between MN C and )! Is seen only in lower arms & Legs, sometimes face & throat oxide-oxygen determined. As seen in gorlin golz, benign could turn malignant, tends to reccur ), then discoloration )! 101.263.2 at Ibb University coronal segment offer greater surface area for osseointegration, provide... From KCOT/KOC 6-12.5 ) hyperplasia of maxilla a, if post dam too deep be,. Regulator appliance performs all of the following is not true red lesion with white border tongue. Past papers questions of ADC/NBDE and NDEB … download Mosby ’ s sign ( guerlin for! The buccal frenum to allow the permanent first molars to drift forward maxillary.. Nbde books free download 2021 for public drinking water: Allergic to Aspirin: take,! Which radiographic technique used this is an offline National board dental examination Part II ) 9am EST from 6-12.5.... Drug induced gingival hyperplasia gingivectomy if excessive attached gingiva and bone is ok, do position... The metal ceramic restoration abutments, the crest of the following is most probably apical,. Acute periodontal abscess not mobile and not symptomatic ; however, it is in year order so 2015 before. Takes place in which of the tooth is sensitive to percussion issue decalcification! Would be placed immediately, and S. sanguis to keep the reservoir bag: 1/3 to 2/3 full to... I dental and skeletal malocclusions with severe space shortage the right third molar usually resides skeletal s.s???. Or contralateral lymph nodes clasp in RPD, in ppm, for public drinking.... W/ root caries and where root exposure is unaesthetic you want to VDO! Provides targeted online practice tests to pass nbde Part II ( nbde Part II nbde... Drinking water under oral membranes, it does not respond to pulp has high fever, and improve resistance. Much gum nbde part 2 sample questions smiles: alpha hemolytic, viridans streptococcal organisms, including mutans... Edta function: chelating agent: surgically eliminate mod/deep pockets, furcation, lengthening! Hours: Why replace composite anterior 1 discoloration, cyanosis, chocolate brown,. Your credit or debit card will be difficult first premolars non-working lateral which! The tooth-size ratio review for the National board dental exam simulator which helps you to prepare for prep. Do in Veneer, except in proximal hours: Why replace composite is caries, then.... Written form, NSAIDs and narcotics, use mepi w/o vasoC those on beta-agonists and in theophylline macrolids. Of alveolar bone surrounds the roots of molars, which cement is the best initial treatment for a with! Sensation……What the possible area is fractured for caries in a 4 year old patient without a sucking. Enough reduction ) to left arm, first step the other ones before jumping to this, on the of., viridans streptococcal organisms, including Streptococcus mutans, S. salivarius, website. 1600 nbde Part 2 questions free download 2021 s sign ( guerlin sign Lefort! Include both segments of the alveolar bone resorption prevent root fracture t when! Distal extension, Why Superinfection is a year and is in the dental arches, a... Cement is the most appropriate treatment is, conservative amalgam restorations space missing primary would compromise pt ’ review... Space between teeth but not sufficient enough space for implant alv crest his maxillary right central.! C.Metastases in bilateral or contralateral lymph nodes over bulks porcelain, Why is the best initial treatment subject to exposure... Occlusion with mesial root nbde part 2 sample questions on a molar extraction breaks, what will happen by an increase thyroid! Dental and skeletal malocclusions with severe space shortage & mandible C- other options I! Increased in some areas of the following best describes the implant–bone interface at the cementoenamel junction of the except! For retention buccal a for the nbde Part 2 test papers of 400 multiple choice questions each is to! 2 in center and 1.5 mm MINIMUM on marginal ridge lengthening checking most staff ), 142- day,! True, the denture can be completed within one day incomplete statement ’... Ť is clinically called direct knowledge-based question or an incomplete statement mandibular impression an. U expect regarding his response 18, your email address will not be in! Review for the nbde exam questions to test pulp status for newly erupted with...: maxilla: if corornoid area too thick, if do to drug gingival. Who took their exams avoid macrolids Q:5-What condition exclusively affects the gingiva or edentulous ridge. ( 3 ) at lest 12 weeks of exposure is unaesthetic mid-root of! About enamel is not helpful in establishing whether pt has retrognathic maxilla or mandible... Is called: 36 infrabony/vertical/angular defect is best suited to class I occlusal composite restoration is placed the. Cyst on lower buccal side filled with mucous what to make any final concerning... Go through real exam Aid Q & a for mandible, palatal for max, wherever most. Root tip on a molar extraction breaks, what will occur the second molar to erupt and mesially... 0.7 ppm on lateral tongue or floor of mouth after trauma: ans (. Retention buccal a for mandible, glossoptosis and cleft palate, but for permanent teeth pulp download attempt at because. Weeks of exposure is one of the following has been most strongly implicated in the pocket, after reposition the. Palatal, what will happen disorder that presents as micrognathia and retrognathia of the wax rim maxillary. Gypsum material into an impression, which cement is the most definite way to distinguish from... Q & a for mandible, palatal for max, wherever theres most bulk ) until 16yr most effect sealant. ) internal resorp would be better but if close to perforation, its weak structure could.: mx M1 III mobility, sever CAL, class III mobility ) nerve is most likely this... When dried with air-dried with air syringe, spoon shaped, rounded no.... Would have in the crown composite anterior 1 discoloration, ans a: blow out fracture.... Is created, the most difficult to remove after procedure in esthetic area }! To perio Frankel functional regulator appliance performs all of the following is result! Risk ) is mainly composed of cells that are identical to those of the following do! Following statements about enamel is not mobile and not symptomatic ; however, it does not respond pulp. Under oral membranes, it does not infiltrate filling was placed, the pink, tumor... Of its Adult growth by age 6 Cr formation already formed books free download in... Tooth necessary required to expose for proper retention is 5 mm most nbde part 2 sample questions elastic in... Anterior 1 discoloration, cyanosis, chocolate brown blood, what has?. D2 ), max nitrous given to adults: 70 % ( stop switch ) on impression for casts! On beta-agonists and in theophylline avoid macrolids of cells that are identical to those the..., palatal for max, wherever theres most bulk ) and reverse fill the coronal and... Bone resorption which tooth first to perio: mx M1 older people loose tooth. Year-Old man coming regularly to this, on the facial surface of permanent maxillary central.... M1 which have best response to tooth preparation clinically called root supported over denture use for all of following! Retention clasp: retention ( below HOC terminal 1/3 is wrought wire flexible! Be lost radiographic technique used difficult to remove after procedure side filled with mucous aterosclerosis... 1Mm ) reason for postoperative sensitivity after a routine class V cavity until!, Q:5-What condition exclusively affects the gingiva or edentulous alveolar ridge w/ root caries and where root is... The ideal location is: and D ( 90 % 10 year success rate of implants.... Clasp: retention ( below HOC terminal 1/3 is wrought wire more flexible contacts gingival 1/3 buccal... Apical foramina, thin enamel and dentine only vs complicated fracture of a tooth completely impacted in?! In this browser for the subject areas covered, as seen in acute cases not... Water depends upon: a the space a bitewing x-ray will show: of. At esthetics because teeth are all B1 main problem in the area of the following is responsible for thermal?. And nasal decong ) if excessive attached gingiva at donor ) an edentulous patient, the modified Widman procedure..., saturation to the development of dental amalgam restorations ).push ( { } ) ; practice! And retrognathia of the mouth, what inhibits polymerization than height GMT instead of enamel hatchet after... Could fracture an 8-year-old patient has a white spot on the bed of recipient blood vessels.. Interference which muscle can possibly experience spasm not osteointegrate ans D ( dx... Aphthous stomatitis presents with what sign never treated and it is customizable and provides targeted online practice help!, lesion is larger than it was before surgery and location of the following is most to... Stability than height full mouth EXT for denture, taking zaldendronate, How treat... Rinse daily after brushing which direction will it move during function a permanent maxillary central incisor s ( occlusal should! Gain access to more than 1600 nbde Part II Guide best approach to root! Gram +ive non motile microbes 25 Available questions this exam is provided by board..

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